Self Love Can Never Be Selfish!! Why Self Love is Important??

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I wish you all are happy and safe at your homes!! Some people may think that self love is a practice of selfish people. But, that`s not actually right. So, Today i will be writing about self love that can never be selfish and how much importance it takes in our life. Before starting, we need to understand what is self love?  Self Love means taking care of your own needs, thinking about your self, and nourishing your self and fulfill the dreams.  This practice is all about making your own happiness. 

So now we clearly understood the meaning of self love. Now the point is how it can never be selfish?? People may compare the self love with a selfish activity but that not quite true. Self love is really really different from selfishness. Though Selfishness refers to taking up the advantage without really care about others. In self love people may fall for you but in selfishness people will maintain a distance from you. Because people really don`t like the selfish ones. Self …

Unknown Facts On Some Famous Monuments!!

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I was really dying to write a travel blog and finally that day came today. I am very happy to write this blog, because i love travelling to new places, exploring new things and much more like a wanderlust. Most of the people love travelling because travelling is awsome. It mentally heals the people. In travelling we visit new places, monuments, temples, etc. Whenever we visit a new place we become curious about that place, people, and its history especially when we see any historical monument. We start thinking about its beauty, history, people and much more, but this curiosity sometimes remains incomplete. We never get that what we want to listen like which is really interesting, fascinating. You might have travelled or heard about these places in your life, which i am showing you today. So lets start, today i am writing few mysterious and unknown facts about some specific monuments that might you have visited and heard about it.

Here are Unknown facts of Some Famous …

How To Control Aggression?

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I hope you all are happy and safe at your homes!! So, today i will write about how to control a serious problem that is like common in anyone, and that is aggression. Aggression is something that breaks all the boundaries of a person, breaks relationships, bonds, and many more things.It is a spoken or a physical behaviour that involves harm to someone or something. 

Aggression is something that is natural, may be it can arise through workload, tension, stress, family condition and anything. But some people ignore this kind of behaviour and they don`t take care too much about it. But its wrong, aggression must be controlled over time as it is really bad for you, your friends, your family, and your loved ones. It is very easy to control aggression, you just have to follow these simple ways to work on the same.

Here Are The Simple Ways to Control Aggression:

1. Always keep a Smile on your Face:

Smile is the best way to let go all the things, then why not aggression!! Alway…

10 Favourite Cartoons of All The Times!!

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This post will remind you your childhood days. When we used to watch cartoons all the time on television. This post is related to the 90`s kids who never missed their favorite cartoons on the television. By the way i`m also a 90`s born kid, who always sticked to the screen and never allowed anyone to change the cartoon channel, Lol. That time was really awsome, we did`nt knew anything about social media at that time. Our only motive was watching our favorite cartoons. So today, in this article, i will remind you your most favorite cartoons of that time which will help you to relive your childhood again.

Here are your 10 favorite cartoons of all the times:

1. Tom and Jerry

Everyone heard about tom and jerry, This was about a funny relationship between the cat and the mouse. The cat was tom, and the mouse was jerry. This  cartoon is known for the some violent cartoon gags ever devised in theatrical information. Tom may use axes, hammers, firecrackers and traps to kill jer…

Mother is a All Rounder!!

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Today i will write few lines about a mother, who is a all rounder. Whatever i`m writing today, will always be less as compared to a mother`s love because she never misses any chance to make us happy. She is the one who always keep sacrifices for her children & family. There is only one love in this world which is unselfish & very special, and this is a mother`s love. She is a very precious gift by god, she commits her whole life to her children. A good upbringing makes the better future of the person and a mother does the excellent job to make her child`s future bright. She works as a super women who manages all the house hold work all by herself. A mother never feels tired with her child and always fulfill his /her demand with out think about her own. A mother`s love can protect her child from any difficult situation. All Mothers are pure by heart and they want only the best things in their child`s life whether it is a toy, education, values or anything. Tha…

3-3 Facts of Some Healthy Food You Must know!!

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Today you will read some unknown facts about healthy food, that is consumed regularly in our diet. Healthy food is that food that contains the right amount of nutrients to keep our body fit. We need that kind of food in our diet to keep ourselves fit and fine. When we intake healthy food, fruits and vegetables, we reduce the chances of diseases in our body. So, today i will give you some amazing facts about dietary/healthy food, if you are a food lover then you must read this article.

Here are Some Unknown Facts About Healthy Food :

1. Apple

a) Do you know, Apples have 25% air by which they float in water.
b) Apples are most effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning
c) There are over 7500 over varieties of apple grown worldwide.

2. Bananas

a) Bananas may be considered as mood enhancer because it contains amino acid, tryptophan and vitamin B6, that helps the body produce serotonin.
b) According to research eating bananas can lower the risks of strokes and heart…

Interesting Things To Do During Lockdown!!

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As we all know that its a situation of lockdown everywhere due to Covid-19 pandemic, and we have to stay at home during this period. Everyone are locked in their houses, that means no outings, no outside food, no meetings & no work. So there is nothing to do with outside world, and also its a situation of  immense boredom. Its a fact that a human mind always need a participation in any activity or role, so its become difficult nowadays to engage your mind in any work and also its become difficult to spend your time. But don`t worry nothing is difficult until or unless you think "its difficult". So today i will tell you some interesting things to do during this lockdown period.

So, Here are some interesting things to do during lockdown:

1. Indoor Games:

Indoor games provide us the pleasure of playing in a closed environment. Spend your time by playing indoor games with your family at home. Indoor games are the bestest way to reduce boredom. You can play lud…